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Related article: Warrener some ton Whitby Winifred Wood- Wrestler Wafer Warrior Weary Westward Whitaker Winsome cock Wrinkle Sport with the Army in South Africa. Many a man in South Rogaine For Hair Africa during the past year has enjoyed his day*s Buy Rogaine Foam Uk shooting, even if un- successful, as a welcome relaxa- tion. Everyone out there has taken an interest in the animals of the country. I saw a letter the other day from an officer who, after mentioning that he had tried nine consecutive shots at a Boer behind a rock, went on to say that he had shot one hare and three partridges, with an elaborate account of the country in which he got them. In Natal game is not plentiful at any time ; it has been too much shot down. Near the Mori river there are a few snipe, and riding over the country south of the Tugela river we Buy Rogaine Ireland came across partridge and quail, Buy Rogaine Australia and also saw a few buck — the latter chiefly among the hills. During the time the Army Where To Buy Rogaine In Singapore was at Spear- man's camp, the naval guns were in position on Mount Alice, a hill whose wooded slopes faced Spion Kop. I saw some buck walking about perfectly unconcerned, and a flock of guinea fowls were cack- ling away close to the guns. When the guns were first fired the guinea- fowl made a good deal of noise, but after the first few shots they got used to it, and paid no further attention. They went to roost at night as if nothing unusual was taking place, regardless of the impedimenta of a large army all around them. At Colenso a buck got up on the river bank, and I watched it crossing Buy Rogaine Singapore a shell- What Is Rogaine swept Rogaine Canada Price plain. Everyone took more interest in its movements than in the shells that were passing over us. Again, the morning after Pieter's Hill, a buck ap- peared in the midst of a bivouac, and was knocked over by some Women Rogaine men ; it got confused when it discovered its surroundings, and no wonder. The surface of the ground was pitted with shell marks, and covered with biscuit tins ; the smell of dead animals alone was sufficient to have stupefied it. There were very few vultures. Those one saw were gorged, and have possibly succumbed by now to overfeed- ing. A few more of them would have been of use, as carcasses remained for weeks on the ground. In the Orange River Colony there is still plenty of game. At Bethulie, on a plain some five 28o BAILY S MAGAZINE. [April square miles in extent, there were about 500 spring - bok. They remain very much in the open, and avoid the hills, so are very difficult to stalk. The way the Boers kill them is to organise drives, and this is the best method. If there are only a few guns, you ride round them in a Rogaine Coupon 15 large circle, gradually decreasing the distance. When on the move they always go in Indian file, and the Boers, under these circumstances, don't pick their animals, but fire at the line ; Rogaine Women they get a good many in this manner. It is very difficult to get nearer than about 300 yards, and at Foam Rogaine that distance they present a very small mark. A wounded spring- bok travels a long way ; the only chance is to have your pony by you and try to ride him down. They get their name from their paces. They move with great bounds, with their tails between their legs, and their backs arched. They are the commonest buck in South Africa. At Zand River, during Lord Roberts' march to Kroonstad, large herds of Buy Rogaine Extra Strength these animals were seen galloping about between the Boers and ourselves. I fancy a good many shots were fired at them. On several occa- sions shooting at buck caused false alarms. In fact, using Government ammunition and rifles for this purpose was for- bidden in general orders. At Jagersfontein, south of Bloem- ontein, the whole garrison, con- sisting at the time of some 4,000 men, were turned out for several hours. A patrol galloped in saying they had been fired at. Mounted troops went Rogaine Foam out, the remainder stood to arms. It was then discovered that two or three officers had gone out shooting, and in Rogaine Hair Hair Rogaine firing at buck had Rogaine 5 Percent dropped several bullets among the patrol, whom they could not see. The delinquents came in later quite innocent of the excitement they had caused, and they did not escape a certain amount of abuse, though we ate their buck. I have ridden out some ten miles to find Rogaine Online Canada out what the firing was, and have discovered a buck shooter. Very often he was a Colonial. The Rogaine For Women Colonials could never resist the temptation. On a reconnaissance near Kroonstad, when we were momentarily expecting to come in touch with the enemy, firing commenced on a flank ; supports having been collected and brought up, it was found that some men had been unable to resist the temptation to fire at buck. Wildebeeste are very rare ; in fact, they are only found on one farm in the Orange River Colony, near Ventersburg. They were kept there, but the fences having been broken they are now scattered over that district. They resemble a mule, with a buffalo's head. They are very inquisitive animals ; you see a herd gallop up to have a look at you, coming quite close ; they stand and gaze at you, then kicking their heels in the air they gallop off like a lot of young colts. All over the veldt are little colo- nies of Buy Rogaine Online Canada meerkats. They re- semble squirrels, but live in holes in the ground, and they are re- sponsible for many falls. They are easily tamed, and many have